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Bernina 430 Sewing Machine

Bernina 430 Sewing Machine

Isnt this a beatiful sewing machine? I think so, and thatnks to the talent of my beautiful wife we will soon have one. She won one in a sewing competition recently. As if that isn’t impressive enough she hadn’t sewn anything until this fall when we bought a used Husqvarna Viking machine.

She competed with a tote bag and a skirt, both of them absolutely fantastic (OK, I’m biased). She even got the opportunity to model the items herself at a show in Puyallup. I didn’t do anything to achieve this, but I still feel really proud.

Way to go Denice!

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Henrik passed the exam and received his real estate license recently. He held his first solo open house last Sunday and will be BRILLIANT working with buyers.

After waiting for over a month I finally have my interview booked for the US Customs and Immigration Services ( That means that I am on my way for the next step in getting that coveted green card. And so far all is good.

But some things surprise me. After having sent in all that paperwork, taking massive amounts of photocopies and all that they request that we bring the originals and copies to the appointment, just in case they want yet another copy of any of the documents. I think that is such waste of time and resources, and think that USCIS should just have a scanner there and scan any documents they want to keep aspare copy of. That way it could easily be attached to my file and used by anybody who needs to work on my case. But I know that is pie-in-the sky thinking, so I’m just going to start getting all those copies now. I have about 2 months to do it.

Wow! It’s April already. The weather is improving in Seattle. Henrik has been so busy that I’m becoming the self-taught Master of this website. God help us all.

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This is our joint Flickr account. It’s sort of like a family album for the world to see. Sometimes embarrassing but always fun or funny – at least for us. Not much is sacred when we have camera in hand. Life is documented in pictures.