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This afternoon we met Michelle, with our event coordinator, at the Swedish Cultural Center. We went over the placement of people and tables and general layout of the Crown Room. That took a bit of time but Michelle was a great help. We picked out linen colors and food and drinks. Yum!

We hope you’ll enjoy yourselves!

On the way home we talked about going to Sweden in May/June. And Mazamarama in May, the annual tennis tournament of friends held at the Mazama Country Inn in Mazama. We went last May and people thought it was funny that we only knew each other for 13 days. That does sound pretty funny now. I’m thinking of going back to Zihuatanejo this winter. Our honeymoon will be postponed until 2008. We’ll save more money and travel Southern Europe like gypsies. I can’t wait to buy leather in Italy. What does one by in Spain? We’ll drink wines in France. Hmm … what does one buy in Spain? And Henrik has a fancy for visiting Prague. I guess I’ll have to buy one of those terrific big fur hats in Prague.

Henrik and I went to look at the wax-ups of our rings last Friday. How exciting! We’re commissioning an old friend of mine, Kurt Kogita, make our rings.

While we were vacationing in Zihautanejo in December I found a ring that I had to have. It was fabulously original and made by a local family that have been designing jewelry for years. We bought the ring, which was made of sterling silver and gold, and gave it to Kurt to replicate in white and yellow gold. He’ll transplant the stones from the Mexico ring into the new one.

Henrik sketched out his design for me while we were relaxing at a wonderful little coffee shop in Zihautanejo. His sketch was of a three-layer ring in white and yellow gold with stones matching mine.

WOW! I loved his idea. He’s not only a sexy hottie, he’s brilliant, too.

Anyway, Kurt is working his magic and we should have our rings in a few weeks. Original. Creative. Artistic. Beautiful. Fun. Just like us! (ha ha)

You can find Kurt Kogita’s contact information in our Wedding Thank You To … section.

I picked Henrik up for lunch and we went to the jewelry designer to talk about our rings. Can’t wait to see the wax ups! Henrik’s will be gorgeous and very unique.

After the business of our rings I took him to get some Q for lunch and meet The Man. Well it turns out that The Man was in convalescence due to a surgery but we still enjoyed our bbq rib meal. Some of you know that The Man is owner of Dixie’s BBQ and he makes some hellish hot sauce. In fact, it’s called “The Man Sauce.” He gives it to you on the tip of a toothpick and most people (white and black) can’t even do that. Henrik must have had about 1/8 of a teaspoon or so. It was a lot. On his meat! And he ate it! Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead but he enjoyed his lunch in between wiping his runny nose.

I remember when I took my friend Mark to see The Man for the first time. The Man gave him what looked like a teaspoon of The Man Sauce and Mark ate it. Somehow. I have no idea how. He was sweating, his eyes were running, his nose was running. He kept on eating. The next day he called me and said his ass was on fire. I just about died laughing.

The Man does some damn good Q.

Well the snow allowed us a day when Henrik worked from home so we took some time to visit the letter press business that we chose to make our invitations.

We met Maura, co-owner of Full Moon Press, and her friendly dog who loves to fetch tennis balls. We sifted through boxes of invitations, talked about ink, talked about fonts, and talked a lot about all the cool old printing presses and equipment in their shop. All that talk culminated in one terrific design.

After nearly three hours we got back in our car and headed home.

Happy and Excited.