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Point of View

Point of View

It sounds like some kind of toy, but to me it’s serious. Today I have been hanging some of my photographs at Revolution Coffee & Art on Admiral in West Seattle.They will be there until March 27 when I will have to take them down again. If you are in the neigborhood, drop by, have a look and maybe even buy a photo or two.

Diamonds are a girls best friend

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I just wanted to let everybody know that my lovely wife was awarded a Diamond Award for her work selling real estate in 2007. Wow! Congratulations!

At night we sit in bed (me with my cuppa hot cocoa) watching old 1960s episodes of one of my favorite shows The Outer Limits via NetFlix online. We’ve watched I think 5 episodes so far. Think we have over 40 to go. One of my favorites is The Galaxy Being. The black and white video quality is crystal clear. The sound is excellent. Some of the props are hilarious (like the asteroid that’s supposed to be levitated around a room with mental energy but you can see the fish line suspending it from above), and the computers and databases that look like painted cardboard, and the simple sound effects like the genetically mutated monkey (the monkey was a ratty stuffed spider monkey and the crazy sound it made was  exactly like dentures clacking together.) The episodes are simple. They’re black and white. The acting is dramatic and oddly disconnected at the same time. The story lines are uncomplicated and wise. Even though the episodes are from the 1960s the stories are about humanity, the human condition, and how technology and science can affect the human experience. At the end of each episodes there’s a moral spoken to the audience from the host in the form of a summary of the story. Gives one something to ponder as they regain control of their horizontal and vertical.  This excerpt is from The Galaxy Being, truly one of my favorites with reaching spiritual implications.


Allan Maxwell owns and operates a radio station. He sacrifices his station’s transmitting power to send signals to outer space. By feeding the signals he receives through a television circuit, he is able to construct a three-dimensional image of the radio waves. One day, without warning, a new image takes shape on his screen — he is communicating with a creature from deep in another galaxy!

Allan is called away from the transmitter by his wife, Carol, though he promises the creature he will return. In his absence, Eddie, a substitute disk jockey goes on the air and turns the station’s power up. The creature is drawn across space and time and materializes on the earth. Anxious to find Maxwell, the being begins to search the town. Although its intent is peaceful, its powerful radiation can burn and destroy anything in its path.

The creature finds Maxwell and they return together to the broadcasting shed. By now, the police and army have been alerted. They surround the shed and threaten to destroy Maxwell, his wife, and his new-found friend. The creature tells Maxwell that by the rules of its own people, it can’t go home; but, by turning down the station’s power, it can release its own mass and disintegrate. If it stays on earth, the people will come and man’s own fear will destroy him. Thus the creature makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up its life. But the people of earth have learned a new lesson — there are powers in the universe inscrutable and profound. Everyone must learn to live together if the world is to survive.

August 19

I like my birthday month. I like my sun sign, Leo. People say I’m an odd Leo. Maybe that’s because of a Gemini rising.  Dunno. But I had a nice birthday. Henrik lavished me with things this girlie adores — aromatherapy soap, bath salts, and a jar of Royal Jelly Body Butter smooth enough to endure purgatory for. We shared coffees with friends and a very large slice of rhubarb strawberry pie at a Caffe Ladro and then enjoyed dinner at our favorite restaurant, Waterfront Seafood Grill, on Pier 70. Most exciting were two surprises — one thing Henrik created … a blog for things real estate … … and one thing Henrik arranged … a couple days on Orcas Island based at Rosario Resort and taking a keel boat sailing course by Orcas Island Sailing!

The sailing company sent us a study book and materials to read before we arrived. The class was held entirely on a 26′ sailboat. There were four students (Henrik and me, a brother and sister) and our instructor, Philo. Everything was hands on, from the time we arrived at the dock on the first morning to the time we finished the intensive class and took the exam the next afternoon. I saw my first herring ball and seagulls, mud sharks, seals, and an eagle feeding on it. We had wind appear and disappear, a little weather perk up, and fog. Mostly it was shorts and t-shirt weather. I was happy with a few deer sightings, one very close up.

The sailing class was total review for Henrik, his goal was to learn the English sailing terms because he knows them in Swedish and Dutch. The sailing was 95% new learning for me. My brain was overwhelmed the first day and my hands hurt. The second day my brain felt mushy and I wanted to turn off my thinker and float through a day mindlessly.

I wonder if our room at Rosario is haunted. I swear I saw dark, black, shadow male figures harmlessly creeping around our room in the middle of the night having come from outside through the glass slider.

Henrik passed the exam and received his real estate license recently. He held his first solo open house last Sunday and will be BRILLIANT working with buyers.

We’ve been working on the boat and sailing when we can. Mostly organizing which was hugely needed. Lemon Pledge is a wonderful product and I’d like to hug the Navy Officer who told us that’s what he uses to keep the Admiral’s ship looking spectacular.


We’ve decided on a new color theme for the boat: basic black and white. Our first interior design investment were two simple curtains that we made to separate the forward sleeping area and the bathroom. Future design projects will include looking for nice b/w fabrics for interior cushions and pillows, painting the boat, replacing the exterior sail and tiller covers. I also have a new name idea for the boat: B/W


We took my brother Mike and his wife Aileen sailing last Friday as our official “first” guests. Unfortunately, there was no wind. The water was often smooth as glass and awesomely reflective. Excellent waterskiing conditions for salt water! We tried sailing for two or three hours then decided in order to get to Whidbey Island we needed to use the motor. The original plan was to moor at the Langley dock on Whidbey Island for the day, have lunch, grab a coffee, walk around the shops. We arrived just before 5:00 PM, shops were closing for the day, and we needed to eat dinner and motor back before dark because, as Henrik just learned, our running lights don’t work. Even with no wind it was a nice day on the boat and we had several “confirmed” seal and sea lion sightings.