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Claes is Henrik’s younger (but taller) brother. He has always been Henrik’s playmate and I cannot imagine many brothers having built more Lego constructions together.

Claes is married to Aija, and they have two (lovely) daughters called Ulrika and Ella. The entire family lives in Sollentuna outside Stockholm, Sweden.


Eva is Henrik’s older sister. She has always been looking after him to make sure that he behaves himself, at the same time as making sure that he is OK. She was always Henrik’s babysitter as they grew up.

Eva is married to Jan, and they have three (lovely) daughters called Josefin, Ellinor and Kristin. The entire family lives in Täby outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Eva with family

Gunnel and Torsten are Henrik’s parents, and he loves them dearly. They live in a city called Västerås in Sweden. They are both, very well deservedly, retired, after working and bringing up three kids.

Henrik’s mother and father dancing