Welcome Lilly!

We have a new family member. Her name is Lilly, adn we got her from Pensinsula Friends Of Animals in Sequim, WA.

It all started when my parents were here in September 2008. We went to Sequim and got adopted by a kitty named Luka. We didn’t know his name at the time, but we found out that he had once come the PFOA. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep him.

Lilly lying on the bed

Lilly lying on the bed

Anyway, Angus from PFOA emailed us one day at the end of last year and said “I have another cat for you that looks almost like Luka, but it’s a younger female, so it should hopefully work out better this time.” After pondering this for a little while Denice and I went to Sequim to see this miracle for ourselves. And there she was. Same Russian Blue coat, same white star on the chest, but with a much bigger nose. She took to us and we to her, so we brought her home with us. She is now learning to co-exist with Pawka and Kula. So far there have been a few skirmishes, but I think that given time it will all be fine.

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