Thursday, September 13

Henrik had his green card appointment. He fussed about it the entire night before, organizing a file and notebook of photographs and documents with more diligence than I’ve seen him tend to anything EVER. He wanted to leave really early for the appointment so we couldn’t be late. We stopped for a coffee so we wouldn’t be ridiculously early and with unforeseen traffic backups we arrived right on time, paid the stupid $5 cash for parking, proceeded through the security checkpoint and to the┬ásecond floor where we were called by a nice interviewer who was working there after retiring from a 20-year Navy career. The appointment lasted less than 10 minutes and was painless. Since Henrik is now able to work and travel, it’s pretty much as things were — though we have much less money coming in the household and neither of us have health insurance. At least we know Henrik won’t get booted out of the country and I’ll have more time to learn Swedish in a comfortable fashion.

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