Friday September 14

We’ve been working on the boat and sailing when we can. Mostly organizing which was hugely needed. Lemon Pledge is a wonderful product and I’d like to hug the Navy Officer who told us that’s what he uses to keep the Admiral’s ship looking spectacular.


We’ve decided on a new color theme for the boat: basic black and white. Our first interior design investment were two simple curtains that we made to separate the forward sleeping area and the bathroom. Future design projects will include looking for nice b/w fabrics for interior cushions and pillows, painting the boat, replacing the exterior sail and tiller covers. I also have a new name idea for the boat: B/W


We took my brother Mike and his wife Aileen sailing last Friday as our official “first” guests. Unfortunately, there was no wind. The water was often smooth as glass and awesomely reflective. Excellent waterskiing conditions for salt water! We tried sailing for two or three hours then decided in order to get to Whidbey Island we needed to use the motor. The original plan was to moor at the Langley dock on Whidbey Island for the day, have lunch, grab a coffee, walk around the shops. We arrived just before 5:00 PM, shops were closing for the day, and we needed to eat dinner and motor back before dark because, as Henrik just learned, our running lights don’t work. Even with no wind it was a nice day on the boat and we had several “confirmed” seal and sea lion sightings.   

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