We have a lot of plans and ideas for the realm of real estate things and plan to begin sharing them on January 1 2008.


Kula recently had a tumor on the side of her belly removed and her teeth cleaned. Her fur is slowly growing back but she still has a soft and very cute naked patch by her tummy and she doesn’t really like us messing with it or looking at it. Henrik discovered that although she’s afraid of squeaky toys and doesn’t like balls or fetching, she likes to chase small limes. Another oddity is she really loves to eat raw baby carrots.


Pawka also had a vet visit and is reportedly well. It appears he may be older than I thought; age can’t be confirmed because he’s a rescue. He had vaccinations, an ear cleaning, and a pedicure. He’s due for another vaccine and needs to get his teeth cleaned and some extractions. Two days ago he lost his collar so Henrik got him a new shiny, smooth, orange, reflective, Mod looking collar. Our home is turning more Mod as time passes but that’s another subject.

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