Critters eat better than we do

The birds and squirrels have been eating us out of house and home. Henrik fills the bird feeder every single day. The suet goes in two or three days. We’re trying to attract as many varieties as we can but so far as have hummingbirds, finches, starlings, crows, stellar jays, flickers, and probably other birds I don’t know the names of. We have some regular squirrels, too. They sit on the flower pots and lawn furniture and window sills and work their clairvoyance until we feed them. And we found some food that the dog and cat REALLY like. It’s called Evo and it’s made by Innova. And it ain’t cheap. But Henrik said, “We can eat beans and rice¬†every day so they can get the good food.” Well, we’re not eating beans and rice EVERY day but we’re getting short drips at Tully’s now instead of the chais and lattes. I’m telling you, the critters got it good at our house.

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