Henrik and his tennis partner Melena won the 2007 Slamorama held in Mazama in May. My partner and I lost both of our games. Here’s a picture of that celebratory moment. We’ve been playing more since we got back home and are playing much better than in May. So we have higher hopes for May 2008. By the way, they need more female players. Ability isn’t the most important thing, it’s a great way to have some fun and exercise. And there is a trophy! So if you want to go next year let us know.

 Henrik wins tournament

Kula got some new all-terrain booties, a travel water pouch, and a hiking pack. We’ll send you a picture from our first hike but she’s breaking in her new shoes right now. These booties are soooo cute.


Kula was following Henrik’s every move around the house (as usual) and when he picked up a lime from the kitchen counter she acted quite interested. Well, Kula is afraid of balls, squeaky toys, vacuums, cameras, a variety of noises, and even her own farts. To show Kula the lime wasn’t anything she was interested in, Henrik rolled it across the carpet and to his surprise — Kula chased it! She never chases anything but she likes to chase limes. Go figure.

Did you know that Hostess is bringing back the banana-filled Twinkie? Do you know the rich history of the Twinkie? It’s a history lesson and cool source of trivia to impress your friends. http://www.kitchenproject.com/history/twinkie.htm

Oh, our wedding. It’s been almost two months. Seems like longer, sometimes. What a fun party. Well I thought so anyway. Good food, good drinks, good people, good services. Just everything was so nice and we felt so blessed about the whole thing. Henrik looked absolutely breathtaking. I just couldn’t get over how wonderful he looked in his tuxedo. I could go on and on about that day but who wants to hear that?! Just know that we’ve decided that every five years we’re going to have another catered celebration with friends and family.

I left the door open and this squirrel came in freaked out. It wasn’t one of our usual squirrels and when I tried to give it a peanut it climbed the dining room wall. I had no idea a squirrel could scale a flat wall. Hmm…thinking when this one ran back outside it never came back.