Mystery post cards

There is something mystical going on in the mail, and I’m not sure who is responsible. It all started about a week ago when I received 2 postcards from France, in French, saying something along the lines “wish you were here”, but with no name. I racked my brain, until I realized that I have a friend who recently got married, and who loves France. Maybe they thought I actually speak French. So mystery solved. I thought…

That is until more postcards started to drop in from Isabella in Lille, France, Sabrine in Brussels, Belgium and Mary in Copenhagen, Denmark. People I have never met, or even talked to. Denice looked at me with this “yeah, right” look inn her eye when i told here I didn’t know who these people are.

On closer scrutiny I realized that they all have a hand written number on them. Unfortunately there are still too many gaps in the number series for me to figure out if there is some hidden message in this or something. Coming to think of it, since it’s post cards and anybody can read it, maybe I should check with NSA if they have discovered a pattern. Anyway, now every day is a day I look forward to the latest postcard. Today’s one was from Finland.

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