We are SO excited. For the last 5 years it has rained on April 29. This year we expect “boating weather” — Sunshine and Clear! And we can’t wait to go sailing.

Our sailboat

There is something mystical going on in the mail, and I’m not sure who is responsible. It all started about a week ago when I received 2 postcards from France, in French, saying something along the lines “wish you were here”, but with no name. I racked my brain, until I realized that I have a friend who recently got married, and who loves France. Maybe they thought I actually speak French. So mystery solved. I thought…

That is until more postcards started to drop in from Isabella in Lille, France, Sabrine in Brussels, Belgium and Mary in Copenhagen, Denmark. People I have never met, or even talked to. Denice looked at me with this “yeah, right” look inn her eye when i told here I didn’t know who these people are.

On closer scrutiny I realized that they all have a hand written number on them. Unfortunately there are still too many gaps in the number series for me to figure out if there is some hidden message in this or something. Coming to think of it, since it’s post cards and anybody can read it, maybe I should check with NSA if they have discovered a pattern. Anyway, now every day is a day I look forward to the latest postcard. Today’s one was from Finland.

This afternoon we met Michelle, with our event coordinator, at the Swedish Cultural Center. We went over the placement of people and tables and general layout of the Crown Room. That took a bit of time but Michelle was a great help. We picked out linen colors and food and drinks. Yum!

We hope you’ll enjoy yourselves!

On the way home we talked about going to Sweden in May/June. And Mazamarama in May, the annual tennis tournament of friends held at the Mazama Country Inn in Mazama. We went last May and people thought it was funny that we only knew each other for 13 days. That does sound pretty funny now. I’m thinking of going back to Zihuatanejo this winter. Our honeymoon will be postponed until 2008. We’ll save more money and travel Southern Europe like gypsies. I can’t wait to buy leather in Italy. What does one by in Spain? We’ll drink wines in France. Hmm … what does one buy in Spain? And Henrik has a fancy for visiting Prague. I guess I’ll have to buy one of those terrific big fur hats in Prague.

Henrik’s birthday was March 31. I snuck him off to an historic ivy-covered hotel in Vancouver BC for the weekend. We walked for miles, did a lot of people watching, enjoyed a bottle of really good wine and ate some really good food and slept in. Mostly we had a “date” and enjoyed each other’s company immensely. Seems like we haven’t had a “date” in too long so this get-a-way was really nice. You can see more pics from this weekend at http://www.flickr.com/photos/bofink/

Friendly raccoon

Hotel Sylvia

Henrik is in (and on) LOVE

Henrik kissing a totem pole

Wow! It’s April already. The weather is improving in Seattle. Henrik has been so busy that I’m becoming the self-taught Master of this website. God help us all.