Wild night outThe night of Saturday, March 17th, Henrik and I attended a fundraising gala for PAWS, the Progressive Animal Welfare Society at the W Hotel in downtown Seattle. PAWS is a participant in the Community Partnership Program that I promote in my real estate business. What that means is that when a supporter of PAWS hires me to help them sell or buy a property that I donate an amount equal to 10% of my commission to PAWS. So far my business partner and I have been able to donate over $20,000 to PAWS. It’s a great non-profit organization and we have a lot of fun working with and for them.

The gala we attended was called the Wild Night Auction. As it was a cocktail attire affair we had fun getting all dressed up. I got a flirty new gold lamae cocktail dress just for this event but as I was putting it on I noticed it had rather large tears in each breast area. I was bummed! We thought about maybe quickly sewing it, and we even thought about the possibility of wearing it and hoping my boobies stayed up during the evening, but we were running late and we decided not to risk public nudity and I had to wear a more conservative teal evening dress instead. Henrik, buzzing after what he says was only two Guinnesses, made a detour on his way home to Macy’s and bought a very handsome new shirt and tie. My favorite of his dress shirts and ties so far. We looked quite smashing, I must admit.

Throughout the evening we drank our fair share of wine and won one silent auction item and one live auction item. Henrik bid on almost all of the live auction items in an effort to drive up the price. However he usually stopped bidding around the $800 or $1000 mark to avoid the catastrophe of accidentally winning something we can’t really afford. I’m really excited about what he won for me: an appointment to have my own custom perfume made! How fun is that?! So on my wedding day I hope to be wearing my own Signature Scent. Hmm. I wonder what I shall name it.

The meal served was several courses of vegan selections. I don’t remember what we ate but I can tell you no animals were tested or digested.

This is a photo they took of us at the event. Don’t you like Henrik’s new shirt and tie?

If you’re curious about in the work of PAWS you can learn about them here