We finally were able to clean the outside of the boat on Sunday. I’ve been eagerly waiting to do this since we bought it. I’m a clean freak and Henrik is more of a … boy. Well, I just like clean what can I say? And he enjoys things once they’re clean. So it works out.

So we used this product called 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner http://www.30seconds.net/ that was referred to us by a salesman at West Marine. You can buy it for around $8 at Home Depot and other similar stores.

Anyway, the stuff is amazing and in less than an hour the boat looked like a completely different boat, just brush it on and hose it off. During the rinsing we learned that three of the windows leak so we’ll have to fix that.

But at least it’s CLEAN!

Kogita Jewelry
9 Lake Bellevue Dr
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 453-9547

Henrik and I went to look at the wax-ups of our rings last Friday. How exciting! We’re commissioning an old friend of mine, Kurt Kogita, make our rings.

While we were vacationing in Zihautanejo in December I found a ring that I had to have. It was fabulously original and made by a local family that have been designing jewelry for years. We bought the ring, which was made of sterling silver and gold, and gave it to Kurt to replicate in white and yellow gold. He’ll transplant the stones from the Mexico ring into the new one.

Henrik sketched out his design for me while we were relaxing at a wonderful little coffee shop in Zihautanejo. His sketch was of a three-layer ring in white and yellow gold with stones matching mine.

WOW! I loved his idea. He’s not only a sexy hottie, he’s brilliant, too.

Anyway, Kurt is working his magic and we should have our rings in a few weeks. Original. Creative. Artistic. Beautiful. Fun. Just like us! (ha ha)

You can find Kurt Kogita’s contact information in our Wedding Thank You To … section.