Henrik’s version

It still feels so unreal I’m not sure I didn’t dream this up.

I know that the idea of spending the rest of my life with Denice came early in our relationship, but I decided that I would not allow myself to think about it until we had passed the 100 day mark. I know it sounds arbitrary, but I figured that giving ourselves at least three months would put some kind of sanity control on the whole thing. Before I go any further I will have to tell that already after less than 2 weeks together people assumed we had been married for a long time, so I was not the only one who had thoughts in this direction.

Anyway, after Denice’s birthday, which was very close to our 100th “dieversary”, I was out shopping, and while I was looking for something completely different I found this little game called “Boater’s Knot Tying Kit.” I thought it was funny, since I like boats a lot and have sailed across the Atlantic, so I bought it with the intent that I should give it to Denice. Maybe as an unbirthday present. But I didn’t know when would be the perfect time to give it to her.

As my idea of proposing grew stronger I suddenly remembered the knot tying kit. I started composing little texts in my head where I would ask if Denice wanted to tie the knot with me. As days went on the idea got more and more solid, and one day after driving home from work I decided that I would pop the question. Mind you, I didn’t have a ring or anything at the time, just the knot tying kit.

On my way home I stopped at several stores to find a suitable card to write my little proposal in, but to my surprise I couldn’t find any. None of the cards in the store were appropriate for my purpose. Too silly, too serious, too romantic. I just couldn’t get the right tone. Once again I was unsure of how to ask, or whether to wait a bit longer or…

I got home and decided it had to be done here or now. I walked into our little office, took a letter sized paper, folded it in half twice and then wrote my little proposal text and drew a very simple picture on the front. I also wrapped the knot tying kit with her wrapping paper. Then I walked out to Denice in the living room and put the little packet and my flimsy home made card on the table as nonchalantly as I could. My heart was beating really fast while she opened the present and then the card. She looked at me for an eternity (or about a second) before she said “YES” and got up and we hugged.

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