Kiss My Sail

This thought just popped into my very warped mind about how I could tell somebody off with a dash of sarcasm and humor all at the same time. “Kiss my sail.” Oh, I kill me!

I can hardly stand myself I’m so excited about our newest addition to the family, a 25′ Catalina sailboat. It’s 29 years old and hasn’t been loved like it should but it’s cleaning up really nicely with a lot of elbow grease and bit of wallet grease.

Last weekend we got the interior front half scrubbed down and wood oiled, that took over five hours. I was worried about the toilet. It didn’t look like a modern marine toilet. It’s the kind that you have to lug in its entirety to the waste station to empty and clean. As we were cleaning it, I saw the 1978 date stamp on the bottom. It’s the original toilet for that boat! Wow! Well it seems to work just fine and is in excellent condition as far as we can tell. I’m thinking it’s now a cool, retro sort of toilet and we should keep it as long as it works. I’m not really hip on hauling a toilet around, it’s not a very girlie activity, but maybe if I get a pair of pink latex rubber gloves and matching apron it won’t be so bad.

While I was doing squaw work, Henrik was taking inventory, inspecting things, fixing things, and pumping existing standing water. It was a full weekend for both of us but I’m thinking this boat will be a labor of love. It’ll look at least 50% better just with a good cleaning.

Hopefully end of February or early March we’ll get to take it out for the first time. I would attach a photo but I don’t know how to do that yet. I’ll have to consult the Webmaster (Master) about that.


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