Mike is two years younger than Denice but a good 7″ inches taller. He’s been married to Aileen for 14 years and they have three boys and one girl. They live in Southeast Tacoma and both work in the mortgage industry. My Aunt Gloria who, along with my Aunt Francis (now deceased), opened Seattle’s first Creole restaurant in downtown Seattle (on 5th and Jackson) called FranGlor’s Creole CafĂ©, is currently living with Mike and his family. In the picture below they are laughing and Mike is fanning himself with a paper plate after Aileen tried to get him to smile by whispering something of a sexual nature in his ear. Mike refuses to smile for pictures and I usually have to go to extreme lenghts of stupidity to photograph his smile. I don’t know why. He has a nice smile and big teeth, just like me.

Mike and Aileen
Anton and Lauren

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