Meouw. Denice calls me squeaker, because she thinks I squeak, but I don’t. I meouw. I am a healthily-built cat (some would say portly or even fat) that has chosen to let Denice look after me. I guess I have to live with Henrik looking after me, too. And they do. They feed me and they pet me, mostly when I want them to. I have also decided that they can sleep in the big bed as long as I can sleep there, too. They are warming me up very nicely.

That brings me around to one of my main interests. Or maybe I should say two of my main interests. That is sleeping (number one) and eating (number two.) The latter has the effect that I occasionally have to run in and out through the cat flap a lot.

I have also decided to let the dogs use the cat flap when they need to (although in their ignorance they call it a doggie door), because if there is one thing that is worse than dog poop in the garden it has to be dog poop on the carpet. Yuk!

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