It still feels so unreal I’m not sure I didn’t dream this up.

I know that the idea of spending the rest of my life with Denice came early in our relationship, but I decided that I would not allow myself to think about it until we had passed the 100 day mark. I know it sounds arbitrary, but I figured that giving ourselves at least three months would put some kind of sanity control on the whole thing. Before I go any further I will have to tell that already after less than 2 weeks together people assumed we had been married for a long time, so I was not the only one who had thoughts in this direction.

Anyway, after Denice’s birthday, which was very close to our 100th “dieversary”, I was out shopping, and while I was looking for something completely different I found this little game called “Boater’s Knot Tying Kit.” I thought it was funny, since I like boats a lot and have sailed across the Atlantic, so I bought it with the intent that I should give it to Denice. Maybe as an unbirthday present. But I didn’t know when would be the perfect time to give it to her.

As my idea of proposing grew stronger I suddenly remembered the knot tying kit. I started composing little texts in my head where I would ask if Denice wanted to tie the knot with me. As days went on the idea got more and more solid, and one day after driving home from work I decided that I would pop the question. Mind you, I didn’t have a ring or anything at the time, just the knot tying kit.

On my way home I stopped at several stores to find a suitable card to write my little proposal in, but to my surprise I couldn’t find any. None of the cards in the store were appropriate for my purpose. Too silly, too serious, too romantic. I just couldn’t get the right tone. Once again I was unsure of how to ask, or whether to wait a bit longer or…

I got home and decided it had to be done here or now. I walked into our little office, took a letter sized paper, folded it in half twice and then wrote my little proposal text and drew a very simple picture on the front. I also wrapped the knot tying kit with her wrapping paper. Then I walked out to Denice in the living room and put the little packet and my flimsy home made card on the table as nonchalantly as I could. My heart was beating really fast while she opened the present and then the card. She looked at me for an eternity (or about a second) before she said “YES” and got up and we hugged.

Denice’s version

My friend Pamela encouraged me to put myself in some social situations centered in common interests. I was feeling social to a point but motivation for extroversion was limited. At the time, I was content with my days and night being filled with my pets, my home, working, watching movies and reading, and visiting friends. I was enjoying peace and liberation in my life. So I thought about what I liked to do but I didn’t think much about doing those things in a group or organized setting. I usually avoid those.

After learning what Pamela suggested my friend Laurel sent me a link to a web-based common interest community called I wasn’t interested in groups but the concept was new to me and I was curious to learn what in the world all these people around the world were doing. So I poked through the site. Not that I’d be pursuing anything, but one should have an understanding of what’s happening around them you know.

Only my photography interest had an organized group. A bunch of people interested in cameras and photography called Seattle Flickrites. I looked at the member pictures and profiles and they seemed diverse in race, gender, age, and profession. Their next MeetUp was in two days, Thursday night April 27th. I emailed Pamela the link and she replied, “You better register and get yourself to that MeetUp on Thursday night, girlfriend. Life is short!” I showed up at the designated place at the appropriate hour figuring I’d give it an hour.

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Our private wedding ceremony will take place on Queen Anne Hill overlooking Lake Union, Gas Works Park and Downtown Seattle.

Denice Rochelle & Henrik Brameus
Sunday, April 29 2007
Swedish Cultural Center
1920 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, Washington 98109

Officiant: Pastor Patrinell “Pat” Wright

I picked Henrik up for lunch and we went to the jewelry designer to talk about our rings. Can’t wait to see the wax ups! Henrik’s will be gorgeous and very unique.

After the business of our rings I took him to get some Q for lunch and meet The Man. Well it turns out that The Man was in convalescence due to a surgery but we still enjoyed our bbq rib meal. Some of you know that The Man is owner of Dixie’s BBQ and he makes some hellish hot sauce. In fact, it’s called “The Man Sauce.” He gives it to you on the tip of a toothpick and most people (white and black) can’t even do that. Henrik must have had about 1/8 of a teaspoon or so. It was a lot. On his meat! And he ate it! Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead but he enjoyed his lunch in between wiping his runny nose.

I remember when I took my friend Mark to see The Man for the first time. The Man gave him what looked like a teaspoon of The Man Sauce and Mark ate it. Somehow. I have no idea how. He was sweating, his eyes were running, his nose was running. He kept on eating. The next day he called me and said his ass was on fire. I just about died laughing.

The Man does some damn good Q.

Well the snow allowed us a day when Henrik worked from home so we took some time to visit the letter press business that we chose to make our invitations.

We met Maura, co-owner of Full Moon Press, and her friendly dog who loves to fetch tennis balls. We sifted through boxes of invitations, talked about ink, talked about fonts, and talked a lot about all the cool old printing presses and equipment in their shop. All that talk culminated in one terrific design.

After nearly three hours we got back in our car and headed home.

Happy and Excited.

This is our joint Flickr account. It’s sort of like a family album for the world to see. Sometimes embarrassing but always fun or funny – at least for us. Not much is sacred when we have camera in hand. Life is documented in pictures.