Bernina 430 Sewing Machine

Bernina 430 Sewing Machine

Isnt this a beatiful sewing machine? I think so, and thatnks to the talent of my beautiful wife we will soon have one. She won one in a sewing competition recently. As if that isn’t impressive enough she hadn’t sewn anything until this fall when we bought a used Husqvarna Viking machine.

She competed with a tote bag and a skirt, both of them absolutely fantastic (OK, I’m biased). She even got the opportunity to model the items herself at a show in Puyallup. I didn’t do anything to achieve this, but I still feel really proud.

Way to go Denice!

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Point of View

Point of View

It sounds like some kind of toy, but to me it’s serious. Today I have been hanging some of my photographs at Revolution Coffee & Art on Admiral in West Seattle.They will be there until March 27 when I will have to take them down again. If you are in the neigborhood, drop by, have a look and maybe even buy a photo or two.

We have a new family member. Her name is Lilly, adn we got her from Pensinsula Friends Of Animals in Sequim, WA.

It all started when my parents were here in September 2008. We went to Sequim and got adopted by a kitty named Luka. We didn’t know his name at the time, but we found out that he had once come the PFOA. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep him.

Lilly lying on the bed

Lilly lying on the bed

Anyway, Angus from PFOA emailed us one day at the end of last year and said “I have another cat for you that looks almost like Luka, but it’s a younger female, so it should hopefully work out better this time.” After pondering this for a little while Denice and I went to Sequim to see this miracle for ourselves. And there she was. Same Russian Blue coat, same white star on the chest, but with a much bigger nose. She took to us and we to her, so we brought her home with us. She is now learning to co-exist with Pawka and Kula. So far there have been a few skirmishes, but I think that given time it will all be fine.

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Gloria Another epoch is over. Gloria, the last surviving part of Franglor’s restaurant and Denice’s aunt, passed away this morning. Denice and I went and saw her two weeks ago, and then again on Saturday. She had deteriorated, but she still recognized us and seemed reasonably pleased to see us.

She really lit up twice. Once when Tags: ,

Denice was giving her a leg massage, and once when we put on Aretha Franklin. She even said ‘yeah’ when we asked if she remembered ‘Respect’.

She went peacefully, which is always nice, and with her mental capacities still working for the most part.

Glo, Respect!

Diamonds are a girls best friend

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I just wanted to let everybody know that my lovely wife was awarded a Diamond Award for her work selling real estate in 2007. Wow! Congratulations!

At night we sit in bed (me with my cuppa hot cocoa) watching old 1960s episodes of one of my favorite shows The Outer Limits via NetFlix online. We’ve watched I think 5 episodes so far. Think we have over 40 to go. One of my favorites is The Galaxy Being. The black and white video quality is crystal clear. The sound is excellent. Some of the props are hilarious (like the asteroid that’s supposed to be levitated around a room with mental energy but you can see the fish line suspending it from above), and the computers and databases that look like painted cardboard, and the simple sound effects like the genetically mutated monkey (the monkey was a ratty stuffed spider monkey and the crazy sound it made was  exactly like dentures clacking together.) The episodes are simple. They’re black and white. The acting is dramatic and oddly disconnected at the same time. The story lines are uncomplicated and wise. Even though the episodes are from the 1960s the stories are about humanity, the human condition, and how technology and science can affect the human experience. At the end of each episodes there’s a moral spoken to the audience from the host in the form of a summary of the story. Gives one something to ponder as they regain control of their horizontal and vertical.  This excerpt is from The Galaxy Being, truly one of my favorites with reaching spiritual implications.


Allan Maxwell owns and operates a radio station. He sacrifices his station’s transmitting power to send signals to outer space. By feeding the signals he receives through a television circuit, he is able to construct a three-dimensional image of the radio waves. One day, without warning, a new image takes shape on his screen — he is communicating with a creature from deep in another galaxy!

Allan is called away from the transmitter by his wife, Carol, though he promises the creature he will return. In his absence, Eddie, a substitute disk jockey goes on the air and turns the station’s power up. The creature is drawn across space and time and materializes on the earth. Anxious to find Maxwell, the being begins to search the town. Although its intent is peaceful, its powerful radiation can burn and destroy anything in its path.

The creature finds Maxwell and they return together to the broadcasting shed. By now, the police and army have been alerted. They surround the shed and threaten to destroy Maxwell, his wife, and his new-found friend. The creature tells Maxwell that by the rules of its own people, it can’t go home; but, by turning down the station’s power, it can release its own mass and disintegrate. If it stays on earth, the people will come and man’s own fear will destroy him. Thus the creature makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up its life. But the people of earth have learned a new lesson — there are powers in the universe inscrutable and profound. Everyone must learn to live together if the world is to survive.